Rapid Development Kit

RDK lets you program interactive touch panels for anything your mind can imagine.

Appealing UI Design

Creating an amazing HMI is no longer a far-fetched goal. Experience it for yourself.


Low-Code Development

Design an HMI without any additional computer programming.


Faster Time-To-Market

Prototype and receive customer feedback quicker, cutting down development time.


Product Name

4.3” LCD RDK Board​


Starter Kit

Product Name

5.0” LCD RDK Board


Starter Kit

Product Name

7.0” LCD RDK Board


Starter Kit

Looking for more kit options?

  • Extension boards which support Ethernet, CAN Bus, RS-485, GPIOs, PWM and ADC, kits for commercial production

  • Other display sizes

  • Custom design service

Acorn Development Environment

All our kits are powered by Acorn, our low-code environment that makes prototyping and development easy. It eliminates syntax errors and simplifies development to cut down on time and costs.

Acorn also supports Python.

Acorn for Windows

Windows 10 OS 64bit

See what’s possible with RDK